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Laser surgery robotics surgery in calicut

DEX Robotics

Experience the pinnacle of surgical precision with DEX Robotized Laparoscopic Surgery at MIART – setting the standard for advanced urological care.

Discover the Advantages of DEX Robotized Laparoscopic Surgery

  • Asia’s First DEX System:MIART proudly houses Asia's first DEX Robotized Laparoscopic System, a testament to our commitment to cutting-edge technology.
  • Seven Degree Motion:Benefit from enhanced maneuverability with a seven-degree motion, allowing for unparalleled surgical precision.
  • 360 Degree Rotation:The robotic system's 360-degree rotation ensures comprehensive access and precise navigation during surgical procedures.
  • Long Arms with Ergonomic Handle:Experience optimal control with long robotic arms and ergonomic handles, enhancing the surgeon's precision and comfort.
  • Specialized for Prostatectomy:MIART's DEX system is uniquely tailored for radical prostatectomy in carcinoma prostate cases, preserving urinary control and sexual activity.

Trust MIART for DEX Robotized Laparoscopic Surgery, where innovation meets expertise. Our advanced robotic system ensures a seamless surgical experience, maximizing the benefits for patients undergoing prostate procedures.

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