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Lap surgery Lap surgery

Lap surgery

Elevate your prostate health with MIART, recognized as the Best Prostate Hospital in Calicut and a hub of excellence for laparoscopic surgery. Our commitment to precision and innovation is showcased through the 3D Einstein vision system, ensuring unrivaled Laparoscopic Procedures for optimal outcomes.

Unleashing the Power of 3D Einstein Vision System

  • Enhanced Depth Perception:MIART stands apart with the 3D Einstein vision system, introducing a third axis of vision that provides surgeons with unparalleled depth perception, making laparoscopic surgeries more precise and manageable.
  • 10 Times Magnification:Experience a magnified, clear surgical field with 10 times magnification, minimizing blood loss and ensuring safe laparoscopic procedures across all age groups.

Common Laparoscopic Procedures at MIART

  • Congenital Anomalies of Genitourinary System:MIART specializes in addressing congenital anomalies such as PUJ obstruction, VUR (Vesicoureteral reflux), and megaureter.
  • Adrenal Mass:Expert laparoscopic interventions for adrenal masses.
  • Renal Mass:Comprehensive procedures including radical nephrectomy, zero-ischemia partial nephrectomy, and nephroureterectomy for renal masses.
  • Ureteric Surgeries:Precision in all ureteric surgeries for optimal results.
  • Bladder Surgeries:Laparoscopic solutions for various bladder conditions.
  • Prostate Surgeries:MIART excels in laparoscopic prostate surgeries that prioritize preserving urine control and sexual function.

Choose MIART as your Best Prostate Hospital in India, where cutting-edge technology and expertise converge to redefine laparoscopic excellence. For consultations and appointments with the Best Laparoscopic Surgeon in Calicut. Trust MIART for a future where prostate health meets precision care.

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